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“I worked with Isaac from Showcase Restorations regarding water damage from an insurance claim. It was very complicated on many levels. It’s a home built in 1929, my mom was 87 and not great with voicemails and there was a relative who lived there who was uncooperative. It was a difficult job that required so much patience and perseverance. And Isaac was so helpful to work with going above and beyond.

“Isaac is polite, but best of all a great communicator. He answered the phone or texts always. I did not ever have to chase him down. He explained every aspect of the work, what was within the scope and what wasn’t and is a great problem solver. At a time when you call and get an automatic voice with a list of choices, being able to get to a human directly was refreshing. My mother died in the middle of all of this and honestly he and his team were great. Don’t hesitate to have them do your work.”

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Certified Pro Water Repair Technicians
Tarping, Waterproofing
Dry outs, Moisture Removal
Water Damage Restoration


Common Causes of Water Damage

  • Floods
  • HVAC
  • Burst Pipes and Faulty Plumbing Systems
  • Broken or damaged Sprinkler Systems
  • Basement/Crawl Space Moisture
  • Sewage Backup
  • Accidents

Unchecked water damage causes additional expenses for home and business property owners in the long run. Moisture and humidity promote structural damage, wood rot, peeling paint, and mold.

But the issues with your facility’s infrastructure and contents are secondary to the health and safety issues that accompany indoor flooding.


Your Health & Well-Being Comes First

Floodwater is highly unsanitary.  Mold begins to develop within 24-48 hours after water damage occurs.  Mold spores affect indoor air quality and release toxins, which can cause additional health issues such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory illnesses.

Water Damage Repair

People Often Ask Us:

Do water damage restoration companies repair plumbing and broken water heaters?

Worst case scenario, you would have to pay a plumber to stop the source of the leak before a restoration company comes in to address the water damage it caused.  If you choose Showcase Restoration to manage Cause of Loss repairs, it is highly likely you will only owe insurance deductable.

How Much Does A Water Damage Estimate Cost?

Our estimate fees for water damage start at $150.  If you choose to hire us as your restoration contractor that cost will be rolled over into what you would have had to pay out of pocket for deductible on your insurance claim.  Some advertisers call that a “free estimate” – we don’t.  If your situation includes mold, our estimate fee will necessarily be higher due to the testing that will be required in diagnostics.

How long will it take for my property to dry after flooding or water damage?

Our experience is it typically takes between three and five days or more to dry, depending on the conditions and the amount of damage.  Drying time is determined by multiple factors, including location, duration and source of water; the types of building materials in your home; weather conditions; and how quickly emergency restoration services are started. Our technicians will monitor and evaluate during the process and will determine when drying is complete. 

Will turning up the heat help things dry more quickly?

Will turning up the heat help dry things out?

Sometimes, but not always.  Our trained technicians will set the temperature to the correct setting for proper drying.  No one other than the water mitigation team should change the setting on the HVAC system because it could make the trying process take longer than necessary. 

During the water mitigation process, do my personal belongings need to be removed?

It depends on the extent of the damage and the scope of work required.  Many times, your belongings can be moved to other areas of your building, and if so we will securely cover and protect them.  For larger restoration jobs, our contents restoration team will remove the contents to our secure, climate controlled facility.  A full inventory will be taken, and your contents will be returned once the restoration process is complete.  

How do I know my property is completely dry?

Our Water mitigation team uses professional testing with specialized equipment to determine if your property and contents are completely dry. Touch alone may be a false indicator.


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You do not have to suffer and endure another minute!  We have a team standing by to respond and begin addressing your water damage any hour of the day.

Showcase Restoration

Water Damage Repair:  Our Process

Our Emergency Response Team is certified and trained in all aspects of water damage repair.  We provide:

  • Board-Up and Tarping– If water damage is caused by exposure to rain, flood, or other event, we will respond within 2 hours and protect it from further damage.
  • Dry-Out  and Dehumidification Services: Our water mitigation team will extract the water, and dry-out and dehumidify the affected area to prevent further damage, structural issues, or mold growth.
  • Contents Restoration: Our industry certified team will inventory, pack, & transport your furniture, electronics, documents, photos, fabrics, and other belongings to our Advanced Contents Processing Center where they will clean, restore, deodorize, and store your items until restoration work on your facility is complete.  Unsalvageable items will be documented for your insurance company.
  • Mold Removal: Mold is common following water damage.  Our certified Mold Remediation experts will remove, remediate, and repair affected areas prior to repairing or restoring your home or commercial building.
  • Building Repair: Our team will complete the project by repairing or replacing damaged property and contents to restore them to pre-loss condition.

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