We are always gathering information for our clients.  From websites with tips on how to prevent or prepare for emergencies and disasters or articles about the restoration process, we will place them here for you to review or download.  We will update these regularly.  

For information about national disasters or emergencies and preparedness tips, search on FEMA –

FEMA- Individual Assistance After a Disaster –

FEMA – Flood and Flood Relief Resources –

For assistance after a disaster contact the RED CROSS –

For weather and storm preparedness tips check out NOAA –

NOAA – National Hurricane Center –

For information on mold, check out the EPA website –

For information about the 2021 Hurricane Season –

For information about Occupational Safety and Health and Emergency Response –

For information about cleaning and restoration certifications –

For information about our the Tomi Service Network and our Disinfection and Infection Prevention service –

Disaster Financial Assistance –

Top 10 Weather Website Apps –

North Carolina Department of Public Safety – Disaster Relief Services –

North Carolina – Emergency Management Services –

NC List of TV Stations – Local News For Disaster Information –





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