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A career at Showcase Restoration offers tremendous advantages, such as the extraordinarily significant work we do putting families and businesses back to pre-loss condition, if not better. 

About the Production Coordinator

Under the general supervision of the Production Manager or Assigned Manager, the Production Coordinator coordinates projects for all of production from taking claims to tracking claims from call date to final payment on job. The PC should push the jobs in to production and push the sales team. Duties include providing administrative assistance to the production team (which includes sales team) for project estimates and program requirements, monitoring emails from adjusters on program claims, assisting in maintaining timely communication with homeowners, building owners and customers and monitoring job flow with regular reporting to management.

1. Track claims/projects from call date through job completion notifying Production Manager or Assigned Manager of any delays or discrepancies. Follow Up on claims that are not sold and offer our services. Look for the sale. (ESSENTIAL)

2. Phones – New Claims – Answer the phone professionally, getting information as needed. Let the customer or potential customer know that we will take care of them. Send the introductory email. Let them know who is involved. Talk about the deductible and claims process. Call all customers at least once a week. Make sure notes are updated and communication is occurring on a regular basis.

3. Participates in and tracks the setup of the initial claim (ESSENTIAL):

  • Completes intake of claim either by phone or from emailed program claim including entering information in PSA.
  • Assign Project Manager, Project Super and Estimator under direction of senior management.
  • Contact customer by phone to schedule initial appointment with Estimator; ensure the Estimator is notified of the scheduled appointment.
  • Send welcome/introduction email to customer to include pictures of employees and/or subcontractors reporting to the job on initial claim.
  • Update PSA, Xactanalysis and any other active programs.
  • Verifies all required updates have been entered on time.
  • Verifies Itel information/sample has been submitted.
  • Confirm initial setup of Moisture Mapper has been completed.
  • Contacts customer by email with update at least once during EMS services.
  • Verifies estimator uploads estimates on time (2.99 days from call date).
  • Invoice and collects monies

4. Track job start date and notify Production Manager if job is not started within company guidelines (ESSENTIAL):

  • Create job folder for office. Create job folder and welcome package for estimator
  • Assist Scheduling pre-construction meeting and remind team to collect deductible.
  • Verify and monitor that budgets and schedules are completed appropriately.
  • Verify with customer that the production team is communicating whether it is scheduling or updates, etc.

5. Monitor job flow updates by meeting/calling Project Managers/Super weekly throughout the course of the project to review WIP reports and monitor completion of checklists (ESSENTIAL):

  • Update job flow status in both Xactanalysis and PSA. Make sure dates are up to date.
  • Verify project documentation is completed, i.e. selection sheet, change orders, self pays, pictures, etc.
  • Reviews Project Manager/Supv entries in PSA and Xactanalysis for accuracy and completeness.
  • Update job notes in PSA, Xactimate and all program claims.
  • Review all job status control points for active assignments in Xactanalysis daily. In addition to monitoring job flow, this step is important to verify that all USAA claims are in compliance with TAC requirements. Goal is to NOT have jobs listed on the daily TAC report.
  • Enter estimates, change order or self pay information into PSA if required. This is mostly a duty of the estimator.
  • Contacts customers on a weekly basis to notify them of the schedule for the following week as provided by the Project Manager no later than Friday 8:00 a.m. Contact will be by email preferably or by phone as agreed upon with customer. Make sure notes are in XA to give status of claim to customers.

6. Verifies closing documentation has been forwarded to the appropriate individual to include adjusters, estimators, accounts receivable or any other required entity. Updates PSA and Xactanalysis.

7. Monitor emails/notes from Adjusters in Xactanalysis on all program claims. Determine appropriate action and add note of receipt with follow up to the adjustor and copy all parties involved. Track progress of request until complete. Place in a notebook.

8. Review Project Manager or Supers work-in-progress (WIP) reports and Production Data Reports with Production Manager as requested.
Ensures deductibles are collected and work authorizations are on file before a job is started.

    Are you the Ideal Candidate for the Production Coordinator?

    1. Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Be a team leader, setting the standard for other employees and subcontractors to follow. Discourages negative morale by offering positive suggestions to all challenges. Be honest and courteous to everyone you come in contact with. Dress appropriately (Company attire as per Company Dress Code and Uniform Policy Guidelines). Assures that all others under your direction follow these guidelines. (ESSENTIAL)

    2. Respect the customer. Assist in making sure that all employees and subcontractors do not use any of the customer’s belongings including equipment and tools, phone, or cleaning supplies, do not smoke in their homes, and do not play loud and offensive music. Smoking is prohibited at customers’ homes or places of business. (ESSENTIAL)

    3. Be a customer liaison. Speak knowledgeably and honestly with the customer. Make sure that when a customer is promised something we fulfill it or keep the customer notified of delays and resolutions. (ESSENTIAL)

    4. Maintain thorough knowledge of company policies and procedures and assisting in their implementation and improvement.

    5. Achieve good work habits that would include, but not limited to: Attention to detail

    • Self-Motivation
    • Planning
    • Taking tasks to completion
    • Working on Multiple Tasks
    • Consistency
    • Follow through
    • Always looking for better ways
    • Time Management
    • Willing to put in the extra effort

    6. Maintain accurate and timely reports for management review.

    7. Do not perform any additional work outside of your job description without the approval of the Production Manager. However, every employee is encouraged to seek more responsibility and request additional work for learning opportunities whenever possible. Do not sit around with nothing to do while waiting for direction.

    8. Solves problems within his/her authority and when necessary works with other employees to accomplish needed tasks.

    9. Makes quick, accurate decisions when necessary and takes responsibility for decision.

    10. Accomplishes any other tasks as required by Production Manager or Assigned Manager.

    11. Performs other duties as assigned.

      Summary Description: Works mostly with all Project Super and Project Managers by helping to coordinate projects for all production by tracking claim from call date to final payment date. Communicates with Estimators and Project Managers/Super to promote timely completion of budgets and job folders, proper updates to control points in Xactanalysis, PSA and other program portals. Completes updates of all control points in Xactanalysis, Innovation and DKI.
      Interface: Interfaces with customers, Office Manager, Estimators, President, General Manager, Restoration Manager, Estimators, Project Managers and Super, Crew Leaders, HR, accounts payable personnel, other PC’s controller, suppliers, code officials, subcontractors, employees, and insurance adjusters. Cooperates with and supports the production team.

      Special Provisions: The Showcase Policy Manual, Personnel Manual, Safety Manual and all written Policies & Procedures are incorporated by reference.

      Report and Duty Responsibility:

      Report: Frequency: Submitted to:

      Payroll – Timesheets Clock in daily

      Production Management Report Tuesday COB Production Manager

      PC Production Meeting Report Tuesday COB Production Manager

      Fast Track reports Hour before meeting Production Manager

      Expected to close report Tuesday COB Production Manager

      POMS updated Tuesday COB

      Others as assigned

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