Showcase Restoration has over four decades of residential roof repair and commercial roof repair and roof replacement experience added to and complementing our North Carolina roofing contractor services our full residential and commercial property restoration services throughout Eastern North Carolina from Fayetteville to Raleigh to Jacksonville to Southport covering multiple NC counties.  Showcase offers local roof repair services including slate, flat rubber, clay tile and asphalt shingles. If you need roof replacement, roof repair or a roof inspection from storm damage, we offer you local roofing contractors, experienced roofing experts that take pride in their work and are committed to providing the highest level of customer service producing successful roofing projects and continual local referrals from our satisfied customers. 

Showcase Restoration is a bonded and licensed roofing contractor for residential roof and commercial roof installation, roof maintenance and roof repair services. Showcase Restoration offers you quality roofing contractor craftsmanship and fair pricing and assistance with choosing the right roof materials for your residential or commercial property. The decision of roof products is an important one, whether it’s for a stand-alone roof replacement, roof repair or all-encompassing storm / disaster damage restoration, Showcase will help you with the decision-making process all the way to the successful finished project.  Rebuilding and protecting what matters to you the most… your personal home, your investment property, your office or commercial investment. 

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Are You Ready For A Roof Damage Emergency?

Emergency roof repairs are unexpected. Your emergency repairs are dictated by the severity of the storm disaster or fire damage and often out of your control. Having an emergency response plan with some contact information of local roof repair service providers will help you be prepared for a faster response to your emergency needs.

When a roof damage crisis strikes, Showcase Restoration will be available and ready to provide you with the local roof expert knowledge and roof repair equipment needed to quickly and effectively implement emergency roof repairs for all types of roof leaks and damage.

Each roof repair is different from the next and storm damaged roofs or fire damaged roofs also add potentially unsafe and dangerous conditions that are beyond your capabilities to mitigate or repair and require immediate attention to avoid additional damage.

Recommended steps to consider during a roof damage emergency


We strongly suggest not going on the roof. Wait for a professional, licensed and bonded roof repair contractor like Showcase Restoration to take the initial steps to assess your roof damage.

  • Perform a visual inspection of your roof and entire property from the safest position/ location that you can. Do your best assessment if you are able. Take photographs and video if you can.
  • Document as much as possible for such items like missing roof shingles, displaced roof tiles or holes in your roof and save your notes with your photos for your insurance adjuster and roofing contractor.
  • If safe and possible, you can help minimize damages by actions like placing a bucket under hole in a leaking roof.
  • Contact Showcase Restoration if you need immediate emergency roof repair. Our roof repair contractor team will arrive with roofing supplies and roofing materials needed to immediately mitigate potentially more damages, such as emergency board up services and/or roof damage tarping services.  Showcase Restoration offers free consultation – estimates on our roofing repair and roofing replacement services. 910-864-0911.
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If you have additional questions regarding our services, please call us at 910-864-0911 or email us here.

How long is it going to take?

The amount of damage and extent of required work will determine the time needed to complete the restoration process.  Our estimator will provide a projected completion timeline, and your project supervisor will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure you are aware of any delays or issues affecting your estimated completion date.

Can you repair items like clothing, pictures, and other sentimental items?

Yes, if items can not be repaired or replaced, we will provide your insurance with a complete inventory of all contents that are a total loss and you and your adjuster will determine the value of those items. 

Can I make changes or upgrades during the restoration process?

Absolutely.  Your project supervisor will work with you to determine additional costs to upgrade or make other changes during the construction process.  

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