Emergency Response Planning


Emergency Response Planning

Did you know that 40% of Businesses Never Reopen after experiencing a disaster?  Another 25% of surviving businesses shut down within 2 years. 

These statistics are grim, but businesses that have an emergency response plan or a business continuity or disaster preparedness plan in place increase the chances of business survival after an emergency event. Our Commercial Services Team at Showcase Restoration is here to help you get a plan in place and ensure that you are prepared before a disaster strikes. 


Having an Emergency Response Management Plan and Partner in Place before you experience a disaster or emergency is Essential To Recovery!  

We offer a free, innovative service exclusively to commercial business owners and property managers. Our team will work with you to review current plans, develop site specific plans, gather all relevant site specific information, and help finalize emergency response procedures and protocols for your business, ensuring a proper emergency and disaster plan and partner is ready and in place for the smallest emergency to the largest disaster.

 Working together, we will:  

  • Identify your specific Emergency Needs
  • Collect Site Specific Information
  • Store all documentation in a secure site in the cloud – accessible from any device at any time – no more bulky binders or folders in an inaccessible drawer during an emergency!
  • Assist you and your staff in formulating a plan and developing emergency plan protocols
  • Provide regular updates to the plan when needed – new staff, vendors, or changes in your building

 When an emergency happens

Open our App, click Submit & Call and our Emergency Response Team will be immediately dispatched.  They will have all of your critical site-specific information on their phones and tablets and will be able to immediately implement the response plan, saving valuable time and expense.    

The Showcase Emergency Response Plan is no cost to you and provides you a valuable partnership with your best interests, your property and your business income in mind. You will save money by receiving a faster response time, focused specifically to the predetermined, site specific, target mitigation services plan needed with instant communication of all decision-making personnel, limiting your downtime costs of lost business, lost employees and getting you back to business faster than typical restoration companies.

More Information

Download our ERP Caller App

Once we have created your Emergency Response Plan, it is easy to use!

Open our Emergency Caller APP

Enter our emergency hotline number –  910-864-0911

Enter our email:  commercial@911showcase.com

Dispatch our crews to wherever you need us!