Contents Restoration

When the contents of a home or business are damaged because of fire, smoke, water, mold, or wind, they can be restored to pre-damage condition by following a prescribed process to clean, restore, sanitize, and deodorize. This process of restoring damaged items so owners can get back to normal as quickly as possible is known as Contents Restoration.  At Showcase Restoration, our Advanced Contents Processing center team can often restore more than 80% of the soft contents of a damaged property that were previously thought to be unsalvageable. If you have experienced fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, or mold and your items need restoration, give our expert Contents Restoration team a call at 910-864-0911,

Items that our Contents Restoration Team can restore include:

Clothing – Furniture – Uniforms – Upholstered Furniture – Metal and Plastic Furniture – Leather Items – Books – Photographs – Photo Albums – Kitchenware – China – Glassware – Toys – Stuffed Animals – Linens – Bedding – Curtains – Upholstery – Area Rugs – Carpets – Art and Antiques – Flags 

Our Contents Restoration Process

  • Evaluation– Our team of contents restoration technicians will begin by evaluating each situation on site, separating contents by category – undamaged, salvageable, and unsalvageable.   This process ensures that you or your insurance company are only paying for items that require restoration.
  • Pack-out This stage is a significant part of the contents restoration process.  Proper handling of your personal items is critical to successful restoration.  When many items are damaged, they are extremely fragile, which required trained professionals who understand how to avoid further damage.  We inventory and photograph every item we remove for restoration.  Each item is carefully packed for transport to our processing center.  .
  • Cleaning- This is the most important step of the process.  Our trained, certified technicians use specialty equipment to restore every item.  Many times, we are able to restore items owners thought were unsalvageable.  Using a variety of tools, equipment, techniques, and solutions, we can remove soot, odors, and bacteria. 
  • Restoration – Once your items have been cleaned, they are deodorized and then stored in our climate-controlled facility where they continue to be repaired and restored to their pre-damaged state. 
  • Contents Return and Pack In- When restoration of your building or home is complete, and contents restoration is complete, our team will repack all items  for delivery.  Once at your home or business, items will be unpacked and returned to their proper place. 

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    Why not just buy everything new? Wouldn't that be easier?

    Most homeowners are happy to add new items to what they already own, but shopping for everything in a home – from furniture to dishes, to clothing and decorative items- takes a lot of time and effort.  Most homeowners have collected items over the years that have special meaning to them and their families. Many items identified as “soft contents, such as seasonal decorations, a “prized teddy bear”, outfits worn for special occasions, or “military uniforms, flags, and “grandmother’s quilt” that have been handed down through generations are irreplaceable.   


    How do I even know what should be restored and what should be replaced? Isn't restoration more expensive than replacing an item?

    Sometimes a homeowner can’t replace something because in their opinion it is “irreplaceable”. Restoration should be attempted for those items.  If it can’t be restored, then there is no charge for the attempted cleaning.  The only time restoration shouldn’t be an option is when an item is structurally damaged or when an experts designates an item unsalvageable at the loss site.  And restoration costs are about 20-25% of the cost of replacement, so if it is an option, it should be considered.  

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