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A career at Showcase Restoration offers tremendous advantages, such as the extraordinarily significant work we do putting families and businesses back to pre-loss condition, if not better. 
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Every day at Showcase Restoration we have the opportunity to work with people that have had disasters and need help getting back in their homes. At Showcase Restoration, the work you do truly makes a difference every single day. As part of helping you make an informed decision about becoming a Water Damage Restoration Technician, we want you to better understand this dynamic role. Are you ready to become a Water Damage Restoration Technician at Showcase Restoration family?
About the Administrator position
The Administrator position is responsible for Assets Inventory, Building and Yard Cleanliness and Maintenance, Insurance Program Updates, Companies Property and Casualty insurance, signing out employment equipment/uniforms and general welfare thereof, Tech support, Answering phones and taking claims. Also responsible for directing and coordinating office services and related activities, including developing and supervising programs for the maximum utilization of services and equipment. Assists in arranging internal office moves and providing arrangements for office meetings.

The Ideal Project Administrator

Responsible for all or part of these areas:

  • Manages to ensure effective telephone and mail communications both internally and externally to maintain professional image. (Essential)
  • Supervises the maintenance and alteration of office areas and equipment, as well as layout, arrangement and housekeeping of office and grounds facilities.
  • Negotiates the purchase of office supplies and furniture, office equipment, equipment for employees or company, etc. in accordance with company purchasing policies and budgetary restrictions.
  • Supervises the maintenance of office equipment, including copiers, fax machine, vehicles etc.
  • Keeps lockboxes sign out and sign in sheets. Signs out and in as needed.
  • Keeps the GPS system up and running. Makes sure all vehicles have responsible parties. Helps conduct inspections and keeps maintenance on vehicles. Issues PO’s for maintenance and repairs.
  • Keeps us with inspection reports of vehicles and notifies management on all missing reports on Mondays.
  • Responsible for distributing building access keys and back-up to security access cards, etc. Signs out keys to buildings, vehicles, etc. (Essential)
  • Participates as needed in special department projects.
  • Performance management and improvement tracking systems on assets, inventory, and equipment. (Essential)
  • Issues all employee assigned equipment and uniforms that is required throughout the company.
  • Make sure building and grounds are kept clean. Make sure bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned and properly stocked. Make sure building is vacuumed and presentable at all times. Make sure garbage is emptied at a minimum 1 a week or when trash cans become overflowed. Whichever is less.
  • Sort and stamp mail as received and give to appropriate parties. Make sure all mail is stamped properly and mailed daily.
  • Keep cell phones, computers, any electronics up and running.
  • Issue passwords to employees and remove passwords when employee leaves.
  • Keep up with cell phones
  • Answer phones and take claims.
  • You are the grease to the organization ensuring that our team members have what they need and what they have works.
  • Keep our casualty and property insurance up to date and advise when changes happen. Take care of accidents to ensure proper reporting and completion. This includes property, liability, and worker comp claims.
  • Help monitor our safety program which will consist in administering our respirator fit tests.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

1.) Conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. Be a team leader, setting the standard for other employees and subcontractors to follow. Discourages negative morale by offering positive suggestions to all challenges. Be honest and courteous to everyone you come in contact with. Dress appropriately (Company attire as per Company Dress Code and Uniform Policy Guidelines). Assures that all others under your direction follow these guidelines. (Essential)
2.) Maintain thorough knowledge of company policies and procedures and assisting in their implementation and improvement.
3.) Make sure that all employees and subcontractors follow company guidelines for safety. Inspect and maintain all tools, scaffolding and equipment.
4.) Solves problems within his/her authority and when necessary works with other employees to accomplish needed tasks.
5.) Makes quick, accurate decision when necessary and takes responsibility for decisions.
6.) Maintain accurate reports and tracking spreadsheets in a timely fashion.
7.) Achieve good work habits that would include, but not limited to:

  • Attention to detail
  • Self-Motivation
  • Planning
  • Taking tasks to completion
  • Working on Multiple Tasks
  • Consistency
  • Follow through
  • Always looking for better ways
  • Time Management
  • Willing to put in the extra effort

8.) Maintains a high degree of integrity and loyalty toward the company and all levels of management and supervision.
9.) Do not perform any additional work outside of your job description without the approval of the Bookkeeper. However, every employee is encouraged to seek more responsibility and request additional work for learning opportunities whenever possible. Do not sit around with nothing to do while waiting for direction.
10.) Performs other duties as assigned and accomplishes any other tasks as required by Bookkeeper.

Summary Description:

The Administrator is the grease in our organization and will provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment and the recruitment and ongoing development of a superior workforce.

The Administrator develops and coordinates implementation of services, policies and programs, reports to the Bookkeeper, and assists and advises company managers about Human Resources issues.

Primary Objectives:

  • Asset Management
  • Building and Yard Maintenance oversight
  • Insurance Program updates
  • Casualty and Property Insurance renewals and maintenance
  • Equipment and uniforms for employees
  • Tech support
  • Answer phones and take claims

Interface: Interfaces with all employees, applicants, Bookkeeper, Managers, administrative force and various outside entities such as temporary agencies, newspaper personnel and other recruitment/employment contacts.

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